The Headshot 

There's a certain energy that comes with a professional headshot. It's a state of mind if you will, its a relaxed quiet confidence that comes through the lens. As a headshot photographer I do everything in my power to bring that side of you out. I've learn over the years that it all about making the person feel comfortable and once we do that the headshots take care of themselves. 


$250 Outdoor 

1/2 Hour Mini Session

1 Look

5 High Res Digital Edited Photos 

$350 Studio

1 Hr Session

2 Looks 

10 High Res Digital Edited Photos

Hybrid (Both) $500


The Professional Headshot is classic. Shot in my studio, with off camera lighting, this wonderful client needed a new headshot for his upcoming book and wanted to try multiple different looks. With a smile that bright how could you go wrong.


4-5 Looks 

1 Hr

3 High Res Digital Edited Photos

Per Look 



6-10 Looks

1-2 Hrs 

3 High Res Digital Edited Photos

Per Look