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When Shooting Corporate Group Headshots, there can be a little down time, so I did this.

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Larry Rosa Photo and myself were hired to shoot the management team at a BayArea Santa Clara Tech Company. Having Silicon Valley essentially in my backyard, I often become the headshot photographer near me choice in the google search bar.It's such a great opportunity but as a headshot photographer sometimes it's a matter of hurry up and wait and then wait some more during the photo session. So what do I do during that down time, get creative with journalistic shots, portrait shots and an editorial theme shots. A photo essay if you will in black and white. Enjoy! #modernheadshots #headshotphotography #alamedaheadshots #oaklandheadshots #headshotsnearme #personalbranding #personalbrandingnearme #oaklandpersonalbranding #personalbrand #personalbrandingphotography

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