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Holy Sh*t, I got the shot!

Early in my photography career, I got the opportunity to shoot with the Golden State Warriors. These are the shots are that made me say Holy Sh*t, I got the shot! The photograph were Stephen Curry throws his hands in the air was a surreal moment for me. He ran off his bus during the parade and wanted to get closer to the fans, no body knew where he was going and he's fast. If my memory serves me correctly I jockeyed for position with the fellow swarm of photographers and videographers trying to keep up and in that instant and got the shot.

The photograph of the 3 female fans is one of my favorites. If you could imagine the amplified noise of the crowd and celebrations and cheers going on. All of it didn't seem to bother the girl in the middle and I was drawn to her, her expression and stare down just seem mute everything in that moment. Those eyes froze time for me.

I learn from the first shot I got, that one thing holds true, you have to be pretty unapologetic to get the position of the shot that you want. I "excuse me" my way to where I wanted to be for the trophy shot and the group shot and got right up front. The group shot reminds me so much of the moments where I'm sitting around with the friends just laughing and relaxing, good times.

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