Boudoir photography is your opportunity to find that inner confidence and fall back in love with who you are. It's about celebrating that playful, naughty side and feeling the power in your own sensuality and sexuality .The Boudoir Photo session is your chance to let go, have fun, and explore your natural feminine energy while creating beautiful imagery. 

The Location

Currently my boudoir sessions are shot in my home studio but I'm also open to shooting in the comfort of a clients home, a hotel, Air B &B, peer space or even outdoors. I love exploring new environments and ideas. It keeps things fresh and its all part of the ever evolving creative process.

The Experience 

Today is your day, it's about you and nobody else. It's your opportunity to celebrate your natural feminity and what makes It's your chance to explore that fun, flirty, and even naughty side in safe comfortable environment without fear of judgement. There is no right or wrong here and your free to have fun, let go, and feel the power of your sexuality

The most important thing to me is that you feel comfortable. Just through conversation and getting to know a little about each other, I found that this naturally happens. Once Ive established that your comfortable and relaxed,  I'll lead you into different poses and looks so there is no worrying about " am I doing this right or what do I do with this hand" The only thing that I would need you to do is to let your natural personality out.

My photography centers around feeling and emotion, thus during your boudoir experience I want you to tap into those emotions and of course, feel sensual, feel sexy, and feel the power that makes you a woman. Its all about celebrating it!

I will never tell you "just be sexy" more so I will guide you into that state of mind through story telling where you will be able to tap into your own reference experiences and bring out that side of you. Whether its playful, flirtatious, sensual , sexy, or just really hot, once you are there, that's when the best images are made.


The Price 


The Boudoir session starts at a deposit of $400 which can be applied toward your collection and includes a 1 to 2 hour shooting session with up to 3 outfit changes. Collections start at $700 which includes for first 7 images. For more details please feel free to contact me!